Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can Men And Women Really Just Be Friends??

Now, this is probably one of the toughest questions out there, and does any one actually know a real or even a good answer for this!?
I'm sure whilst reading this, you are thinking of a time you had with a guy, where you were friends, then something happened but the friendship either got stronger or weakened.
Personally, it has happened to me. Its happened to the best of us.

I have a best friend, we have been for years but there was always the "if" factor there. We always thought we would get married and have kids. That was until we actually got together and realised it wasn't meant to be, but now the friendship isn't as great either. It's always going to be one of more difficult situations in life.

I decided to ask my sister this question and she told me her friend is actually having this problem right now. They have been friends for years, like brother and sister even, but recently he has hinted that he feels more for her. She does not feel the same therefore does not want to bring up the subject because if he says that yes, he does feel more for her, this could be awkward.

If he really is her best friend, he has seen her at her worst. Slumbering around in PJ's, being depressed, first thing in the morning, sick as a dog and she has most likely farted in front of him. All this meaning she felt very comfortable around him. So this could only mean one thing if he does really like her....
Guys are attracted to our flaws!!!!!

Men dont believe we can just be friends but women do... men out there, is this true??

Hard Love!

So, My friend just came to me with this question...

"If u like someone do you just come right out and say it even if you have no idea of the response???"

My response:

Life is too short to wonder about silly things. If you like someone, tell them! If they don't feel the same then screw them! In life its better to regret the things you do, than regret the things you don't. The longer you hold on to it and wonder, the more it'll hurt. So just tell the person how you feel. It may be the best day of your life when they turn around and tell you that they feel the same. If they don't, oh well, life is a bitch and you move on. Plenty more fish in the sea!!

Love Little Miss V xx


So, it seems due to the recent changes, everyone is buggering off!
I have a friend in Austriala now, one of my best friends leaving to go travelling next week, one going to Israel for a few months, me going to South Africa for 3 months then my fb love going travelling aswel.
Is London really that sucky?
I know i cant wait to get to the summer of South Africa and get away from this miserable weather. i look out the window now and its just grey and vile.
We didnt even have a summer, a few measley days of sun!
Is any one else going travelling??

What Love Might Be.. A poem written By Leah Anna B..

So we're back to this
You continually make a fool of me but
I cant.. won't miss
A thing.

Can't let go of us
Can't never know
Why am I so stupid
Always falling for men i cant trust.
Save me..
I know im going to need saving

For when u break me
- And u will break me.

It'll be like before
I'll shatter to the floor
When the pain overtakes me
Then 'I won't care anymore'
It's inevitable
Why do i bother at all?

Especially as you are who you are
And you do what you do
And girls love you,
But not because YOU are YOU.
They love the name
They love the idea
They want the dream
I know those are the girls you fear
And that's why u wont come near me
Not really
That wall is just as high as it was
The first day i met you
And i thought 'im in for it now..'
Cus i knew i wouldnt be able to forget u
I'm still here
Still at your beck and call
Still more than willing to risk it all
When i know.. soon you'll walk away
And you won't even look back to watch me
And i'll be left to crawl
Back into what i know best

I should leave now
Cus you're lookin through me
And i can hear god laughing
At my vulnerability
Then i look at you
And try to find me
But i dont see
I don't know what im waiting for
If i could just get my legs to
Walk to the door
And say goodbye to this dream
Eventually this day would be the past
Get up, get up.. walk fast, walk fast..

One day the memory might not hurt anymore
Just walk to the door..
What are you waiting for..
Another man would love you more..

But i cant move.
Is this what love is?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why?? ask..

So, a few of you have been asking why am i doing a blog, and what is a blog!?
Well reason being is for fun mainly. As i said, i read a book about a girl who starts a blog and it gave me inspiration. Also, as i am going away to South Africa for 3 months, you will all be ablt to keep up to date with what im getting up to there via my blog!
Alot of my friends tell me that i always have funny and interesting stories, so this way I will be able to share them with everyone!
I will keep you updated with things going on in my life to do with anything really.
But for now, CIAO..

Little miss V xx

PS..if you guys ever have any subjects you want me to discuss, let me know!!

The Dream

So, the other night I had the most amazing dream. I always remember my dreams really well but this one has stuck with me for like 4 days!
Now i know it was a dream cos the man included was too hot for words and men like him dont exist. He was perfect in evert way. Kind of like Antonio Banderes but HOTTER. He was tall, dark and handsome and every girls wish, and he was mine.
I wanted this dream to go on and on until my sister started hoovering and I was awoken!
Do you guys ever have dreams you dont wanna wake up from!?

The First

Hey everyone,
I guess i always wanted to have my own blog but never really knew what to do or even write.
After reading a very good book i got some inspiration. Im 21 and live in a suberb of North West London. I tell people that and they instantly think im posh, well im not (unless im trying to impress!)
I come from a working class family who im very close to. Im a white caucasian and of the Jewish religion.
This blog is gonna have a bit of everything on it. Friends, enemys, bitching, gossiping, love, lust, adventure and much more.
I hope youll all enjoy and keep up to date with me and my blog.

Lots of love

Little Miss V xx