Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What Love Might Be.. A poem written By Leah Anna B..

So we're back to this
You continually make a fool of me but
I cant.. won't miss
A thing.

Can't let go of us
Can't never know
Why am I so stupid
Always falling for men i cant trust.
Save me..
I know im going to need saving

For when u break me
- And u will break me.

It'll be like before
I'll shatter to the floor
When the pain overtakes me
Then 'I won't care anymore'
It's inevitable
Why do i bother at all?

Especially as you are who you are
And you do what you do
And girls love you,
But not because YOU are YOU.
They love the name
They love the idea
They want the dream
I know those are the girls you fear
And that's why u wont come near me
Not really
That wall is just as high as it was
The first day i met you
And i thought 'im in for it now..'
Cus i knew i wouldnt be able to forget u
I'm still here
Still at your beck and call
Still more than willing to risk it all
When i know.. soon you'll walk away
And you won't even look back to watch me
And i'll be left to crawl
Back into what i know best

I should leave now
Cus you're lookin through me
And i can hear god laughing
At my vulnerability
Then i look at you
And try to find me
But i dont see
I don't know what im waiting for
If i could just get my legs to
Walk to the door
And say goodbye to this dream
Eventually this day would be the past
Get up, get up.. walk fast, walk fast..

One day the memory might not hurt anymore
Just walk to the door..
What are you waiting for..
Another man would love you more..

But i cant move.
Is this what love is?