Monday, October 19, 2009

What A Weekend!!

Hey guys,
So, I had an awesome weekend. Saturday, I finished my Threading course at college. Its so hard but I will keep practicing! Saturday night was my leaving drinks as im going to South Africa for 3 months. My sister & best friends Amy & Rich told me we were going for dinner but needed to pop home so as I walked in... SURPRISEEEEE.. my nearerst and dearest were in my living room waiting for me.. I was so shocked I kind of just stood there looking at my mum. My parents and sister rock! So awesome of them to do that for me and I also got some great gifts :-)
My friends and I then went on to Electric Ballroom in Camden. I was off my trolley to be honest. Was a very amusing night! When in the car on the way back to Amy & Richards I felt sooo sick and knew a hangover would be there in the morning! Thank god for Richard, he made me a fry up :-)
Sunday night I had a friends leaving drinks in our local pub! Everybody seems to be leaving England.. Maybe cos it is way too cold.

Any way, have a nice day..

Little Miss V.. xx