Monday, November 9, 2009

South Africa living!

Hey guys
So sorry i have not recently updated.. I have been so busy. I don't even know where to start!
So, I started working at my cousins clothes shop in Joburg called Cameroon. Its a really nice shop with awesome clothes.
I went to see my cousin who I had not seen for 9 years which was awesome and also met her 4 kids in which she has had in those 4 years so that was great.
Went clubbing last Sat and got totally barstooled and fell asleep in the club!
I went to the theatre to see "knights of music" which was really nice. Then went to the casino and won 400rand which is about 33pounds! wooop!
Saturday night I went to the theatre and saw Cats which was good and on Sunday I went to the Dam which is an area 45 mins away from Joburg where my cousins own a house on the lake. It was so stunning there, so peaceful and calm and so hot aswel. After a boiling day there was a massive thunder storm which was mad as the lightning was going off 5 places at once, splitting the sky. I have never seen such a thing in my life.

Life in SA is very different to home. They live behind gates and security alarms and guards. In London, if we wanna go out we can get cabs, in SA, they don't they drive everywhere even if drinking. If we wanna go home, we unlock one door with a key. The open a garage door, unlock a gate, unlock the door then put the alarm on. It is mad. People stand in the roads begging for money, clothes, food, anything. Women will even sit on a curb with their babies its awful.

I am having loads of fun though and enjoying my time away.
Missing everyone at home and answering all your quetions. Dont forget to message me anything. Will try update again soon guys. But, for now.. peace out..

Loves yA..

Little Miss V..xx