Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sex And The City..

Hello Darlings,
How are we all today?
Last night I went with 5 of my girlfriends to see Sex and The City 2! I didnt think it was as good as the first movie but still loved it. Was very funny and I have to say, the outfits were absolutely amazing. I especially loved a pink dress Carrie wore in Abu Dhabi.
Carrie and Samantha are my favourite characters and feel quite similar to both of them. Im very open and honest like Samantha, I tell it how it is, although not as much as a nympho like her and like Carrie, I love to write and seem to be unlucky in love. If I had her money, I too would be wearing the expensive designer labels she does.

One big thing in the movie was marriage and the rules. I myself am only 22 and not ready for marriage but I think making your own rules would deffinately work. I mean, everyone to their own right?! Why not have two days to yourself to lounge around and care about only yourself!? I think making your own rules within a marriage would probably help people. You are vowing your lives to each other and need ways to make it last forever. I am a one marriage kinda gal, well, thats how I see my future anyway and think if im going to be with this same one person in the same bed everynight for the rest of my life, there has to be rules.

Any way, i personally think they should now make Sex and The City a theatre production. Anyone agree?

Like I always say, if you have any topics you want discussing, let me know..

Lots of love..

Little Miss V..x