Friday, July 23, 2010

The Deed!!

Good afternoon dolls!

How are you all? Enjoying your Friday afternoon I hope!

So, I have a friend, she is gorgeous, lovely and has everything going for her but her heart is going no where as its at a stand still.

She met this guy and instantly fell for him. I don't blame her, I've seen pictures and the body on this guy is amazing! They have seen eachother literally every night out and about for the past month and there was a lot of flirting and they both liked eachother. They live near eachother so travelled home together one evening and he then happened to go back to her place with her. After a few drinks, they could not hold back their desire for one another and one thing lead to another. They even fell asleep cuddling which really is lovely. From what she told me, it was very heated and intense and her exact words were.. "It was Amazing!"

So my friend phones me the next day telling me how great her night was and I could not be happier for her. Its what she has wanted for over a month and she finally got the man she wants. Yet, has she got him? Is he hers now the deed is done?!

Not exactly! He told her he would phone later that day when he left in the morning yet he didn't. She saw him out that same night and he smiled at her yet did not give her any attention. Now, as girls, if we do not get attention after "The Deed" the amount of things that run through are heads are too much to cope with. Us girls think very deeply about every little thing.

So, here is my friend now thinking, "Was it just a one night stand? Did he just want me for sex? Will he want more? Will he take me on a date? Should I expect more? Does he like me?"
Now when your friend is asking you all these questions and you don't even know the guy, how are you to respond? There's me telling her how happy I was for her getting what she wanted, but now she has not exactly got what she wanted in full, do I take back my happiness? Obviously I will listen to her and give her the best advice a friend can give, but when you are not in the situation yourself it is so hard.

So now she has seen him twice since "The Deed" but has not got much more than a hello and a smile. If that was me, I know inside I would be screaming and wanting to say, "Why have you not called me? Did you just use me, is that it?" But, how can you say it? Why is it so much harder to talk about it after when the sex came so easily?

Im sure some of you out there have been through something similar so would love to hear your opinions and advice and im sure my friend would love some more advice than me saying "Well clearly your better than him and if he doesn't want you its his loss because your amazing!" All true words but considering she is LoVeStOnEd I want to get her feeling better about herself.

Until the next time GuYs and Dolls!

Lotsa Love..

Little Miss V..xx