Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Predict A Riot...

Sitting at my office desk near a dual carriageway in North West London, I see out the window four police swat cars drive by. I am wondering which area they are heading to.

Looking at the picture above, you would think people are running away from a bomb or terrorist attack, this is hardly the case.

Mark Duggan shot a bullet from his gun at a policeman last week in Tottenham. The policeman then shot back, and killed Mark, a father of four and a known drug dealer. This was the beginning of a lit spark, to fuel riots.

For the last three days, but with the worst yesterday, we have seen a new low of British people. Buildings are being set on fire, cars being vandalized and shops being looted. Nobody actually knows a reason as to why this is happening. I understand it started with people in Tottenham mad at the police for shooting and killing someone, but how did one shooting fuel so much anger in people that they felt it necessary to do the damage to our city that is being done now?

In broad daylight, people are being mugged. One injured boy thought he was being helped by a gang who then robbed him of his belongings from his backpack. A police man was seriously injured when a brick was thrown at him. This is just ludacris behaviour of yobs who simply have nothing better to do with their time.

It has got so serious now and spread throughout the country. Something so small that started in Tottenham has now spread to Ealing, Croydon, Hackney, Peckham, Ealing, Camden Town, Notting Hill and even moved up North to Birmingham, Liverpool and Leeds.

From images you are seeing on the news, you would think that there is a war, or people are running from terrorist threats, when in fact, it is mindless Brits terrorising their own towns and communities. Kids as young as 13 are joining in and you wonder where there parents are!

On Friday, I am flying to Israel. A country who has had numerous amounts of protests and demonstrations over the last month. Not one person walked away harmed. The Israeli's said their piece and left in peace. They are a country who live with wars and terrorist attacks. Why are they able to still be strong? The reason is because they have an army. Where is our army? Oh yes, PROTECTING us by fighting on the front line in Afghanistan. Our soldiers bravely leave their families to fight for our country, to stop terrorist attacks and what for? For the youth of today to ruin it all. They do not know why they are fighting now. They just want a fight and to steal free gear! Give these youths a gun and tell them to stand on the front line at a war zone, then let them think they are big men!

I truly feel sorry for the police. Working so hard to protect the streets and losing. All they have is shields. What about water cannons or rubber bullets? Shoot the youths doing the damage. Our country is being weak and they need to step up and be strong and fight for the rights of the rest of us!!

I would love to hear what you all think.. please leave comments!!

Little Miss V..xx