Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nature Night Sky Reflections Free Download Background Desktop Photos, Pictures Collections

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Amazing Free Download Natures Lake Wallpapers | Beautiful Natures Lake Wallpapers and Screen Savers

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Amazing Nature Autumn Leaves Background Desktop Free Download Collections

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Indian Traditional Saree Model Design Photos Collection 2011 Wallpapers

Indian Saree Collection for 2011 is considered to be the most stylish outfit for the Indian women. It is one of the most traditions saree and customs in India. They also come with designer matching blouse to supplement the look and style of sarees. Indian Saree Blouse Designs Sarees are always a favorite choice in clothing for Indian Ladies. Saree is traditional dress in India. Indian Saree Model Design Photos Collection 2011 Wallpapers.


Chat Up Lines!

A friend of mine was just messaging me about a footballer she met on Tuesday night at a fashion week after party and the lines he used on her. He walked across the club to her and said.. "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" She looked at him, laughed and replied, "No, but it might hurt when I kick your balls!"

I al in stiches! He is a known footballer, earns more money a week than most of us do in a year (or two), can get any slore he wants for a quick romp, yet he is still using chat up lines! Quality.

So here I am thinking about the kind of chat up lines I have heard in the past. You know, when you are at a club/bar with your girls and a guy comes over and says, "Sorry I can't talk to you any more, the doctor told me I'm diabetic and I cant handle sweet things like you."
Personally, to me, even if it was the sweetest comment ever, I think I would still laugh. Why do guys feel the need to use chat up lines? Why can't you just be yourself?

If you want to talk to a girl in a club, go over to her and say "Hey, I noticed you and think you are really pretty and would like to get to know you." Simple. Honest. Truthful. No bullshit! That is what I would like. Unfortunately, the kind of chat up lines I get are, "If you were a burger you'd be McGorgeous." Or "I was just curious, Are you as good in bed as that guy says you are?" Delightful.

So I have come up with some comebacks for the chat up lines that I have heard.. Ladies, if you get any of these, please use the comebacks and let me know what happens!

Q. "Do you come here often?"
A. Not any more

Q. "Are you tired? Because you've been running through my mind all day."
A. Im knackered, so you start doing the running and run along.

Q. "What's your sign?"
A. (Stick your middle finger up)

Q. "Do you have a map? I just keep getting lost in those eyes."
A. If my eyes are telling you to get lost, you should take the hint.

Q. "I'd love to see how you look when I'm naked."
A. Well, if your penis as is small as your hands and feet, you'll see the back of me walking out the door.

I am giggling so much from writing these. Would love to see if any of the guys reading have any chat up lines and if yes what are they and have they worked? Girls, what is the funniest or cheesiest or worst chat up line you have ever heard?

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Little Miss V..xx

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Beautiful Natural Morning Widescreen background desktop Photos, Pictures

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Sunday, September 18, 2011



One of the most difficult decisions facing many Muslim sisters is the decision to start wearing the hijab fashion. This is certainly true for the back, but can also be true for sisters whose families or even whose cultures are not very attentive against fashion. As I return, I lived it all. I want to give some advice that I hope inshallah will be helpful to sisters who are planning to wear the hijab but find that something is holding them back. If you do not think you should wear the hijab in fashion.


Every woman is, I've Got-no-to-wear per day, from time to time. But I think that Muslim women who have the most difficult. Why? Why do we need to find clothes that are clean, professional and modest enough to wear to work - and then find the veil to match. I'm sure many of you are working with women to know how it feels to find something small closet in the middle - for example, sleeveless tunic - only to realize that a long-sleeved t-shirt, which is usually a layer of dirty clothes bin



fashion in Shalwar kameez outfit for an alternative began in Kashmir and Punjab, and has gained popularity all over the place. International style icons, Hillary Clinton, Jennifer Lopez and Princess Diana adorning the Shalwar kameez at major events, this style is clearly a real fashion sense. Salwar kameez pajama pants are all the style of skinny jeans to be worn under long tunics or less Kurtis. There are a variety of style, every style imaginable, salwar kameez is a versatility of this style of clothing to use in fashion.

Changing trends in the style of salwar kameez, as they do in other clothes. More shirts are Read the rest of this entry


Dresses are more in the spring and summer. But even if the winter is synonymous with heavy sweaters, thick Woolies and jeans, is also a pretty, feminine accessories like stoles in wool, fancy scarves, fur or leather boots. Turn tailoring the winters will be an interesting experience, here are some tips on how to wear winter clothes


Recent design of Pakistani shalwar kameez, wedding dresses Pakistani Sharara, Lehenga choli, choli Sharara or if you are looking for women's clothing, evening wear, evening wear, wedding dresses, formal wear, casual dresses, dresses Evening, evening dresses, salwar kameez, Kurtis, Embroidered Kurtis Pakistani Girlz to fashion is the best place for you. Pakistani girls, Indian girls and other girls.

According to the latest winter fashion trends, the most colors Inn winter clothes are black, red, royal blue, dark blue and purple. At the end of an additional unit of winter clothes, you can certainly experiment with combinations of white embroidery on the part of subjects based on winter clothes in the dark fabric.

With a change of fabrics and colors, stitching styles of dresses in winter than that in summer clothes. In summer, I usually prefer a good open neck and short sleeves to save space in wet weather, but you can plan a winter robe, the latest fashion trends with the introduction of a collar band and dresses completely in the winter turtleneck sleeves .

Fashion styles neck dresses winter includes polo, neck, hood, high collar, the collar band, collar and double collar. Style sleeves that can get their winter clothes include bell sleeves, long fitted sleeves, and sleeve of the valve. In the north, people generally prefer winter wool dresses that can be fashionable and stylish in its own way.

Learning to layer is essential to wear winter clothing. A tunic or a mini dress worn on a team with skinny jeans and winter boots and a jacket style is beautiful feminine and relaxed. Layer your body con dresses with cardigans and thick warm wraps. Add a pair of tights or leggings and some of your favorite shoes to create the desired effect. For winter parties, see dresses in velvet and cashmere sensual and feminine. Combined with suede boots with high heels, you look trendy and comfortable.

You do not need to shake, to wear a coat in winter. Add to that a little fantasy in your wardrobe and add a pinch of talent, and you're ready to look hot and warm in your winter coat.