Sunday, December 18, 2011

World Largest Capacity Sporting Facility Indianapolis Motor Speedway | United State

The indianapolis Motor Speedway is located in indiana, United State. The speedway was opened 12th August, 1909. It was the first racing facility of such kind in the world. The speedway has permanent seating capacity for more than 2,57000 people and infield seating that raises capacity to approx 400,000 people. This make it the largest capacity sporting facility in the world. The speedway has 3 different courses (tracks) the Rectangular Oval Tracks, the grand prix Road course and the Motorcycle Course. The Rectangular Oval Track is having length of 4.023km with 4 turns. The Grand Prix Road Course is having length of 4.192km with 13 turns and The Motorcycle Course is having length of 4.218km with 16 turns. The speedway covers an area of over 559 acres. The speedway has hosted indianapolis 500, NASCAR'S brickyard 400 & UNITED STATE Grand Prix to Formula One.