Sunday, January 22, 2012

2011 World's Most Richest Person Mexican Carlos Slim Helu & Family

Mexican business magnate Carlos Slim as of 2011 is the richest man in the world. The world's Richest person for a second year in a now, the Mexican telecom mogul is also the year's biggest gainer having added $20.5 billion to his fortune and widened the gap between him nad no.2, peso and successful mining and real estate spinoffs from conglomerate Group Carso all contributed to the astonishing increase. He also merged his fixed-line telecom company into America Movil, America's largest wireless carrier, the Slim family stake in that holding accounts for 62% of his net worth. He has other holding in retailer Saks and the New York Times. Recently opened a new building for his Soumaya Museum, which houses his wast art collection. It is open to the public for free.