Thursday, January 12, 2012

Most Beautiful Top Five Narrow, Majestic And Reatest Driving Road In The World

1. Oberalp Pass – Switzerland
Most-Beautiful-Road-Of-The-WorldThe Oberalp Pass is a fantastic road in the gorgeous alpine Swiss Alps in Switzerland. It has central part of the country with the Graubunden. Oberland region is made by a majestic road in Europe. The Oberalp Pass is opened only during the summer months.

2. Romanian road Transfagarasan
Most-Beautiful-Road-Of-The-WorldRomanian Transfagarasan is a most beautiful road in the world. It has climbing to 2,034 metre and north and south across the highest part of the Carpathian Mountains between the highest peak in the country.

3. The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road – UAE
Most-Beautiful-Road-Of-The-WorldJebel Hafeet Mountain Road is reatest driving road in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It has tretching for 7.3 miles and climbing nearly 4,000 feet.

4. Crazy Drives: Iroha-Zaka, Japan
Most-Beautiful-Road-Of-The-World Iroha-Zaka, Japan is a most road plays a significant role in Japanese history. The route was popular with Buddhist pilgrims on their way to Lake Chuzenji,Iroha-Zaka ascends more than 1,300 feet.

5. Stelvio Pass Road, Italy
Most-Beautiful-Road-Of-The-WorldStelvio Pass Road has eastern Alps countryside of Italy are incredibly breathtaking.