Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DIY- Chunky chain necklace

Hey Gals,  hope you enjoy this next edition of DIY ideas here at Goldie.

I have always been the one that loves taking something and making it better and more special and I know how bored most of us are these days of the churned out clothing in the high street, how everything is starting to look the same, and all the special things we cant really afford ourselves, so each week i am going to come up with cool ideas for you all to have some fun at home. 
Time to bring life to a chunky chain!

This is what you will need: 
A chunky silver or Gold chain
Some ribbon, I decided to use some neons!

1) Lay out your chain 
2) Cover the end of the ribbon with some clear nail varnish, this will make threading it through the chain easier as it wont fray!
3) Loop the ribbon through the chain at one end and tie in a knot
4) Continue to loop the ribbon through each loop on one side of the chain, and tie in a knot once you reach the other end!

Finished, Enjoy!!