Friday, March 30, 2012

Introducing Hamilton da Porkadoodle

This is Hamilton (Hammy for short) and he is our new foster brother. He is a purebred PORKADOODLE (mommy-ism). A porkadoodle is a pomeranian, yorkie and poodle mix breed dog. The breeder that he came from is the same breeder we got Jackson, Lily, and Jack from in the past. This litter was an OOPS litter. Since he is not a desired breed (more mutt than anything) she had trouble getting them homes and well thats how he ended up in rescue. I don't think we will have a hard time finding him a home, humans seem to think he is cute or whatever. I kinda think he looks like a dust bunny but what do I know. BOL!

The black and tan smooth coat dog is Hammy's momma. She is supposedly a yorkie pom mix. However momma thinks she has either chihuahua or rat terrier in her bloodline. She is about 10-12 pounds.

This is Hammy's daddy. He is pure poodle. He is about 6-8 pounds and quite the charmer. He kept coming up to momma and wanted her full attention.

When we picked him up he cried and cried and cried some more. He must have missed his siblings and his momma.

Hammy says "What is that large white thing there?"

Well Hammy that Uncle Puppy, a poodle mix like you. Then Uncle Puppy gave him the old sniff down.

And in true Uncle Puppy fashion kept sniffing.

After sniff-fest momma got this candid shot.

Then Hammy stretched his wee little neck upward to sniff Uncle Puppy.

Uncle Puppy is happy to have a new furiend.

When we got home Hammy became furry wiggly and as soon as we put him on the puppy pee pee pad... he made a big pee.

After the big pee it was time fur a bath.





Poor little thing cried for an hour over the bath trauma.

Saturday he goes to the vet to get his puppy vaccinations started. I has a feeling I am going to have to go with him and I has a feeling that he is going to cry! So I better back some ear plugs in the doggie bag.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo