Friday, March 30, 2012

Monday's Mail and Milk Bones

I have been scouting ebay fur some special accessories to add to my collection. Once I found what I was looking fur I made my purchases.

This morning we went to the mail box in hopes of getting one of my items and got nothing but bills, sale ads, and junk mail. But just as I was loosing hope there was a small box way in the back and a note from our mail lady Donna. It said that one of my packages couldn't be delivered due to lack of postage.

It just so happened that I was ready to send out Fraknie and Ernie's package out so off to the Post Office we went!!!

We have arrived!

First I wanted to get my mail and see what had gone wrong. Well the seller didn't put enough postage or a return address. So in order to bail out my mail I had to pay an additional $1.85.

I made sure that when they weighed Frankie and Ernie's package it was done correctly and it got the stamp of approval and should be there soon boys!

Once I got back to the car I opened my package and inside was...

...My Lulu Pink polka dot leg warmer/scarf set! These are sure to keep me warm in winter!!!

And the other box, that had enough postage and was delivered, had a second set of leg warmers. These are fur a furry special photo shoot I have planned.

After the Post Office problems were solved we headed to the bank to make a deposit.

Please deposit that into the kibble and collar fund and I will take a milk bone please.

To my surprise I got two milk bones. I put one in mommas wallet fur safe keeping....

...and ate the other on the way home. Momma you better zip your wallet up. Don't want the boys getting me milk bone.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo