Friday, March 30, 2012

How to apply makeup really fast when you're late ...

So the rainy morning had me snuggling under my doona, dozing through the alarm, when finally the realisation dawned that I did indeed have to get up and get to work..

.. shortly followed by the realisation that I was very very late.

This, gentle readers, is the two minute face.

Going to work without makeup is not an option at my career level, so when it has to be done, and done fast, there's no fooling around. I grab my old favourites and fast.

The heroes of the day?

  • Whitening Dual BB Cream from the Face Shop. Because it's so light it is very quick to apply, I don't need to spend as much time blending. It has sunscreen as well, so with this I'm protected from nasty tanning rays as a bonus. 

  • My Urban Decay Naked Palette. The colours in this are so beautifully pigmented you can easily create a gradient with just one swipe of colour. To match my grey outfit, I just swished some "Gunmetal" on my lids. 
  • A splash of colour on my lips, L'Oreal today. 
And that's all. Quick, Easy, Done. 

If I'd had more time I would have also pencilled in my eyebrows and added some mascara - you can see how faded out my eyebrows are!

When you've got no time at all but need to slather on some makeup, what are your go-to heroes?

DIY- Nail Art Gokil hehehheheh

Meet the Intern- Siobhan

Coat: Goldie London Tracey Jacket
Top: HnM
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Garage Shoes
Bag: New Look
Necklace: New look

What do you do at Goldie?

I am a merchandising assistant intern.

What were you doing before your internship?

I am studying Fashion Management at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.

Favourite place in London?

Camden market, I could shop there all day picking up all the nik naks and some bargain pieces!

Favourite place to go shopping?

Oxford street, never run out of places to shop!

What are you most looking forward to this spring?

The sun! it has been far too cold.

What are your favourite designers at the moment?

I am loving the spring/summer collection by D&G, the tribal prints and bright colours. $3C/span>

What can’t you live without?

My ghd’s! My hair is so thick, I’d be lost without them.

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?

My super skinny leigh jeans from topshop. It is my fashion staple and the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever had. Highly recommend!$3C/o:p>

What is your favourite item from the Goldie spring collection?

I am torn between the Virginia dress and the Maxine leapord print dress with the cute peter pan collar which is still a big trend.

What are you listening to on your ipod?

I am loving DJ fresh Hot right now, its such a good upbeat tune and reminds me of my time at Goldie.

Who is your style icon and why?

I love Jessie J’s style, she’s not too outrageous but has a very distinctive look which I admire. 

Introducing Hamilton da Porkadoodle

This is Hamilton (Hammy for short) and he is our new foster brother. He is a purebred PORKADOODLE (mommy-ism). A porkadoodle is a pomeranian, yorkie and poodle mix breed dog. The breeder that he came from is the same breeder we got Jackson, Lily, and Jack from in the past. This litter was an OOPS litter. Since he is not a desired breed (more mutt than anything) she had trouble getting them homes and well thats how he ended up in rescue. I don't think we will have a hard time finding him a home, humans seem to think he is cute or whatever. I kinda think he looks like a dust bunny but what do I know. BOL!

The black and tan smooth coat dog is Hammy's momma. She is supposedly a yorkie pom mix. However momma thinks she has either chihuahua or rat terrier in her bloodline. She is about 10-12 pounds.

This is Hammy's daddy. He is pure poodle. He is about 6-8 pounds and quite the charmer. He kept coming up to momma and wanted her full attention.

When we picked him up he cried and cried and cried some more. He must have missed his siblings and his momma.

Hammy says "What is that large white thing there?"

Well Hammy that Uncle Puppy, a poodle mix like you. Then Uncle Puppy gave him the old sniff down.

And in true Uncle Puppy fashion kept sniffing.

After sniff-fest momma got this candid shot.

Then Hammy stretched his wee little neck upward to sniff Uncle Puppy.

Uncle Puppy is happy to have a new furiend.

When we got home Hammy became furry wiggly and as soon as we put him on the puppy pee pee pad... he made a big pee.

After the big pee it was time fur a bath.





Poor little thing cried for an hour over the bath trauma.

Saturday he goes to the vet to get his puppy vaccinations started. I has a feeling I am going to have to go with him and I has a feeling that he is going to cry! So I better back some ear plugs in the doggie bag.

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo

Dream on....

While I was browsing a few of my fave blogs this weekend I came across a blog on the top ten bloggers homes! Which made me more than jealous...these are some seriously lucky girls with some seriously amazing homes!! Made me start thinking about how I would make my dream home...let me know your faves! 

Button collection!

Record players are the future!!

Sweet collection and just my style!! 

Amazing - enough said!

We all want a shoe collection this large!! 


I want a furry friend!! 

Click here to see the images

Mollie's Mango Minster Adventures and BIG WIN

Mango Minster is one of the most prestigious shows in all of Blogville.

After reading all of the category descriptions I decided to enter under the TOO DARN CUTE category.

Since I was one of the first ones to enter the category I was invited to go on the 2012 Mango Minster Pre-show adventure. Last years adventure had a few odd moments but I was ready!!!!

We had our own private doggie jet but things went awry just after take off...

While helping with some mechanical work I made sure to remain TOO DARN CUTE in my pink hard hat!

As we were in Austria things went awry yet again. HMMM....

Then we were off! We loaded up the doggie-craft and were ready to head to....

KANSAS. Where is Toto?

The Ao4 hosted us and we all had a blast eating pizza and drinking doggie beers!
Some of the others had a wee bit too much doggie beer and well I am kind of small and I got rolled!

Then we got to see the Kansas ocean.

So relaxing!

As usual things went awry again and I got attacked while relaxing on the Kansas Ocean....

Thankfully Fiona was there to save me!

The plane ride home was uneventful and I got some beauty rest!

Once back home it was time for the competition to start. Here is what Mango had to say bouts my entry:
I have observed this little vixen totally charming the folks at the doggie store on many an occasion with her over the top adorableness all riding around in the shopping cart and whatnot. I have no doubt that pawtographed copies of her official photo are available for all of you that find her charms irresistible.

Then the Judges hard work began. They had to gather and review all the entries.

Here is what Fiona had to say bouts my Mango Minster Entry:
Mollie Jo -- You are a little old lady poodle doggie. What’s not to love? I mean, you get in the spirit for the Kentucky Derby (complete with dress and hat), you open your home to little foster doggies. You tolerate Uncle Puppy (who is clearly Abby’s twin from another mother…). You have more clothes than Pfizer has pills. You even have your own leg warmers! AND you do snow zoomies. Of course, you are also Painfully Cute. Really, what more can I say?

The TOO DARN CUTE category was the first category to be judged and I was awarded first place!!!!! I won my category in Mango Minster!!!! Can you believe it?!?!? I was a bit worried as there was some stiff competition but my cuteness reigned supreme!

After hearing of my big win I wrote this acceptance speech:
I would first like to give big bark and high paw to Mango and his momma fur hosting this most fun event in all of blogville!!! I would also like to thank the judges for all of their hard work in making the selections. I am honored to have been crowned TOO DARN CUTE!!!! It takes a lot of practice and a lot of shopping to achieve this level of cute and will continue to bring my fans cute pictures throughout the year. Mango Minster 2012 has been a wild and pawsome ride. As for the BEST IN SHOW, I say vote with your heart and may the best pooch or horse win!!!!

To my surprise my momma had a gift waiting fur me...

Itr a doggie star tag! Thank you momma

Wags and Licks,
Too Darn Cute Mollie Jo