Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to wear grey and not look dreary.. OOTD

I like wearing grey / gray when it's cloudy and rainy.. I enjoy the coolness that a cloudy day often brings. Being from Qld originally the idea of rain is very linked to a respite from the heat in my brain, so I always welcome grey skies.

This is another work outfit, my Boston Umbrella to keep the rain off me, and a simple top and dress pants combination. I got both the top and the pants from opshops, and neither have tags, so I've no idea what brand they originally were. 

To avoid looking too dreary in all grey like this, here's what I do:

I always try to mix tones and textures. The top has a brocade pattern on it, and it is a complementary but not identical shade to the pants. By adding interest in other ways (pattern, texture, cut) you can wear all complimentary shades without it looking too matchy-matchy. 

Did a super quick and lazy manicure with gold nailpolish and opi red shatter. I love crackle nail polish because it's so forgiving.. it doesn't have to be perfect to look good. That's great for a clumsy polish applier like me! I usually leave it to the professionals.