Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Introducing a Special Guest..

My lovely girlfriend Katy is one of those people who has THE GIFT when it comes to makeup. You know the type.. they always just seem to have nailed whatever look they're going for in what seems like an effortless fashion.

Like most things that seem effortless, though, there's a lot of skill and practice backing that up. Katy applies this perfectionism to many aspects of her life - she's an accomplished musician, a busy mother, brilliant interior designer, maker of things.. oh, and she loves MAC so much I think one day, she might marry her dazzleglass collection.

It therefore brings me great delight to tell you I have convinced her to share some of her tips and tricks and opinions here at Fashion Adjacent. She's going to be guest posting here, so stay tuned for some awesomeness from her on a semi regular basis.

Do please give her a warm welcome, I know you will enjoy what she has to share.