Thursday, March 22, 2012

Red Carpet: Bella Thorne

Bringing the style to the Red Carpet can be done in many ways, one of my inspirations Bella Thorne can bring it in every way. The first look of Bella's shows a let-loose chic dress that she wore to the premiere of I AM NUMBER FOUR. This dress is a basic, quick put-on, and stylish piece to wear with Bell's topping it off with a pair of heels, ring and a bracelet. A perfect display of chic, basic, and style.

The next Red Carpet dress Bella wore was to the Do Something Awards. This dress has some princess potential in it which she showed off thanks to her amazing style. Bella made sure to still keep it simple with a pair of basic and stylish heels while pulling the look off with two rings. The breathtaking display of ballroom material with a few cute modern touches.

Last but not least, Bella posed for a pic with For Bella's look, she had a cute pink puffy skirt with a pair of amazing black boots, a black top, necklace, and a bracelet. This made a statement of a more out-there side of Bella as she pulled the outfit together matching her top and boots with her silver/gold jewelery. A look that some can't exactly pull off, but Bell's totally got it!