Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Review: Glossybox March 2012

Finally, I got my Glossybox!

They've changed the cards, there's now a list of all the products in all of the boxes, of which you get five. Of course human nature being what it is, it just makes you scan the eighteen products and sigh over the interesting things you didn't get. Five out of eighteen doesn't seem like a lot. They've also taken the retail price off the cards, which is a pain.

Realistically though, it is a lot - this is a great box with some awesome stuff in it.

So what's there?
  • Proactiv Cleaning Bar - a full size sample.
  • Avene Gentle Toner
  • KMS Free Shape Hot Flex Spray - according to the instructions you spray it on while your hair is wet and then use a straightener or blow dryer - heat activates the product, apparently. 
  • Absolutely Gorgeous Essentials - Macadamia Face Cream
  • Panda Pen - these things are really cool looking! It's a makeup corrector/cleaner you use under your eyes if your makeup wanders. Looking forward to trying this out.

There's something else in this box. I don't even want to say the name of it because I don't want to give the dodgy people that make these things any more hits on google. The ACCC has outed these things as a scam and anyone who was foolish enough to buy one of these things was due a refund.  I was surprised and disappointed to see it in the box - and if I was one of the other brands, I'd be pretty angry about being put in a group with such a nasty product.

That unpleasantness aside, this is another excellent showing with some great products that I'm looking forward to trying out.