Saturday, March 17, 2012

Review: Models Prefer Ultra Lipgloss Pencil

Priceline have a new loyalty club, the "Sister Club", and when you join, you get a whole bag of goodies..

I got this "Ultra Lipgloss Pencil" from Models Prefer. The colour is called "nothing to hide" - That sounds like me!

I am not sure why they call this a lip gloss pencil - the colour is very opaque and seems more like a lipstick than a gloss to me. That suits me better, I much prefer lipstick to gloss anyway..

The colour on me is a nice tomato red, a more subtle shade than many of my other reds, one that blends into a look rather than becoming the centrepiece of it. This is great for days when I want the focus on my eye makeup - this tones in well with my hair and skin colour and doesn't try to compete.

At just under $10 a pop, you really can't argue with the value of these - I am going to be checking out some other colours in the range soon.