Friday, March 16, 2012

Trend Alert: Skater Dresses

Here's something you should consider adding to your wardrobe - the Skater Dress.

Once upon a time this would have referred to a dress you could go ice skating in - form fitting with a flared skirt. The modern versions are a long way from the rink, but definitely something fun to wear.

The look is usually characterised by a high neckline, usually rounded, minimal detailing on the bodice, with a nipped in waist and a flared skirt - traditionally pleated but now in other styles too. The skirt usually sits above the knee.

There's often back detailing on these, which is a cute point of interest.

These were popping up last summer and the trend is still very strong - no doubt because these dresses suit a lot of different body shapes, and are easy to style up or down depending on the occasion. Layer them with leggings and coats for cooler days and go barelegged on warmer ones.

My picks:

From top to bottom, left to right:

  1. Orange Skater Dress with button detailing from Koko
  2. Biscuit Belted Skater dress from Koko
  3. Praslin Red Skater Dress - Evans
  4. Asos Curve 
  5. City Chic
  6. Asos Curve - same dress as No 4 in a different colour.